sound ground #90

The secret is out: HUM, the biggest band from here in the past 20 years, will come out of retirement for a special show October 15. The quartet famous for “Stars” will headline the Budweiser True Music festival behind the Highdive in a giant tent with country rocker Shooter Jennings, (son of Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter). This is a free show, but the only way to get tickets is to win them through media and retail outlets. Although this is a 21 and over show, the regular age requirement is 18 in Urbana and 19 in Champaign.

“I’ll flip you over and make you late for work.” So churrs Menthol, a Hum offshoot that evolved from Southern rock to new wave before new wave was back. Last here July 1, 2004 at the Highdive with Urge Overkill, Menthol is active again with a show October 22 at Cowboy Monkey and an EP with five unreleased songs. In the meantime, a sixth unreleased song, “Bavarian Girl,” is available for free at Menthol is vocalist-guitarist Balthazar De Ley, bassist Joel Spencer, and drummer Colin Koteles.

Lorenzo Goetz, WPGU-Buzz Best Rock Band and Best Overall Band 2005, is halfway through with its Heavy EP. In the tradition of Jay-Z, Lorenzo Goetz will employ a different producer for every track: Andy Lund and Anthony Gravino of Temple of Low Men, Brett Sanderson of Headlights, and the venerable Adam Schmitt. Besides concert standout “Heavy,” songs will include a tooth-fairy-friendly new version of “Slumber Jaw” and “Wake Up.” Lorenzo Goetz and Thee Shams open Friday for the American Minor release party at the Canopy Club.

For anyone unaware, American Minor is a blues-rock quintet that relocated from Huntington, West Virginia, to Champaign three years ago and last year signed to Red Ink/Jive/Zomba. American Minor finally has a full-length record, produced by Brad Smith and Christopher Thorn of Blind Melon and mixed by Rob Schnapf and Doug Boehm. Adds American Minor, “Don’t miss [it] because we’ve been working on a special treat for those who make it out.” Show time is 9 p.m., and cover is $7.

Tonight at the Courtyard, The Dudley Corporation visits from Ireland with Urbana quartet The Invisible-Drummer Kipp Wilfong is back!-and Radiohead-ish Decatur quintet The Infinity Room. For those who missed Megan Johns last week or Roger Cler the week before, they play again, together, at Arìma. Both these shows are free and start at 8 p.m.

At 9 p.m., VM Underground Artist of the Month i:scintilla and Relenter perform for the first time since June 18. The event is termed Children of the Night and sponsored by Subversion. Cover is $3. For a double scoop of bluegrass, Cornmeal and Green Mountain Grass play at Cowboy Monkey. Show time is 10 p.m., and cover is $5.

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