Sound Tribe Sector 9

You know you’re in for a performance when most of the crowd is dancing before the band hits the stage. It’s ten minutes before the show and Sound Tribe Sector 9 already has a hold on the Canopy Club patrons. The excitement and positivity is infectious. This is to be expected, of course, from a band widely regarded as one of the best live acts in the country.
Sound Tribe Sector 9 live up to this status and then some. Their stylish blend of hip-hop, ambient, drum n’ bass with the live aesthetic of a jam band creates a show that can be easily enjoyed by a diverse group of fans while not seeming to lack focus. Much of their success in these regards is owed to their method of grooving which avoids sequences of instrument solos and instead focuses on developing each song through collaboration. The result is a growing density of melodies and rhythms destined to peak and return to the basic elements. Each explosive release of musical tension was punctuated by an enormous reaction from the crowd, which danced enthusiastically through the whole show, and each song was accompanied by an exceptional light show that played as much of role in the process as the band’s instruments, effects pedals, and computers.
In total, Sound Tribe played two sets for a total of about two hours but given their energy and the crowd’s enthusiasm, I got the impression that they could have continued playing for over twice that length. Chances are no one would have minded either.

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