soundground #116 this week in music

Shipwreck announces an ambitious plan to span the next year and a half: to issue a series of four EPs spread out over sixteen months. Each EP will match songs in a similar style. “Alias,” “Atlantic,” “Black Moon,” and newest song “Idolatry” are slated for the first, due this summer. Adam Schmitt will record it, and Mason Kessinger will do design again. Explains John Owen, “We tend to write songs at a pretty quick pace, and this allows us to get material out to audiences more quickly.” A tour of about ten dates will accompany the release of each EP.

In the meantime, Shipwreck plays Shrink Wrap at Joe’s Brewery, March 28, and then Rehearsal Space at The Canopy Club, every Monday night next month.

As a surprise, March 2 at Cowboy Monkey, Terminus Victor went from a duo to a trio with the addition of Terry Wathen, drummer for The Greedy Loves. Wathen is a permanent addition to the self-described “electro-rockomatic-neo-inferno,” although the drum machine remains in reserve, in case of emergency. “Our drum machine packed up and quit. She met some Roland model and moved to Portland to start a family. There were no hard feelings. We’re all still friends and all,” reassured frontman Scott Kimble. The set March 2, which ended with “Taking the Advantage,” drew a standing ovation across the barroom. Terminus Victor next plays March 25 at Points East Pub in Milwaukee and April 6 at The Highdive for the WPGU-Buzz 2nd Annual Local Music Awards. In addition, Terminus Victor appears on The Greater Community AIDS Project compilation with “The Mechanical Eye,” due next month, and will tour in May and June through Steve Brydges/43 Rocket.

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