Specialty Shows

All shows one hour

Flashback Cafe: Monday-Friday at noon

The Flashback Cafe is a blast from the past during your lunchtime hour. From noon until 1 pm Monday through Friday, tunes from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000s fill the WPGU 107.1 airwaves. From The Clash and Joy Divison to The Flaming Lips and Gin Blossoms, this show has some nostalgic tunes for every age demographic.

Loud&Local: Sundays at nine PM

Tommy brings you the best local music that C-U has to offer. Local showcase for local musicians. He also brings in bands passing through the area, so give Loud & Local a listen!

Backroom: Wednesdays at nine PM

The Back Room brings you a full hour of the best independent and up-and-coming bands. Tune in on Wednesdays at 9pm and make sure to check out our Facebook for remixes and more!

Shrinkwrap: Tuesdays at nine PM

Featuring new music every week, this show gets you songs right out of the shrinkwrap.

Surfabilly: Thursdays at nine PM

Surfabilly Freakout plays surf rock, garage, psychobilly, rockabilly and spaghetti western — complete with a heaping dose of tomfoolery and jackassery.

Alternative Around the World: Mondays at nine PM

Alternative Around the World gives you a break from the US music scene by bringing you artists from all over the world. Whether it’s from Europe, Africa, Asia or South American, we strive to bring you our picks of the best music, both old and new, from out little blue planet.

Illini Drive: Mondays at six PM

Your one-stop shop for Illini sports talk on the airwaves. Tune in for wall-to-wall coverage of all aspects of Illini and professional sports.

Chalk Them Up!: Sundays at eleven AM

Tomorrow’s Illinois sports stars today. Inside Illini access & national sports radio show every Sunday.

The BASSment: Fridays at nine PM

An hour of hand-picked dubstep, DnB, and trance that’s meant to get bassheads ready to rage the night away. Reaching every airwave in Champaign-Urbana, everyone’s Friday night rager should begin with this eclectic mix of bass.

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