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This column is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, Carlye and Brian are full of opinions, and sometimes they just want to let loose on shit. Hey, a wise man once said, “Developing a column idea while at a bar together is a wonderful idea.” Or something like that. We’re absolutely positive that someone kinda sorta smart-ish said it, though. (cough-cough-Carlye-cough-cough). Brian’s favorite band predictably would want to suck blood, and Carlye’s favorite band predictably has a blood relative in it. Ah, it’s aclever ruse, so clever that you’ll have to start reading … right now.

Carlye: Dave and Steve!

I consider myself to be quite a blatant person, so I’m just going to be up front and not confuse you with, “Wait, do a lot of people have the last name Wisel?”

My favorite local act is Dave and Steve, the “acoustic guitar and vocal duo” cover
band, as they professionally refer to themselves. Yes, Dave Teplinsky and Steve Wisel, the latter being the first occupant of the womb in which I was later raised. Or, in non-confusing and slightly less nauseating terms – my older brother.

See, usually when Steve slyly tells me to plug him and Dave, I tell him to fuck off. But, to be honest, these guys deserve some public recognition, and that’s not just because I might get grounded if I don’t write about them in the column soon.

This past Friday, Brian and I saw them play a Power Hour at an undisclosed Campustown bar, in which they covered a new song every minute. There was some classic rock, some TV themes, a Bulls starting lineup in there somewhere and … well, I don’t remember much after that. But my new digital camera tells me I had a phenomenal time.

Just to quickly redeem myself a bit, I should mention that my actual favorite local band (that writes their own music) would have to be Headlights. Their music is relaxing, yet catchy; Erin Fein is adorable on stage (self-admitted girl crush); and I’m super-pissed that I missed their show last Saturday because Ko Fusion has horrible service and took forever to serve raw fish, a piece of chicken and two steaks to us at my friend Erica’s birthday dinner. (I feel like Seth Fein right now, complaining about Champaign and … I love it.)

Well, I bet you all thought I was done, but I’m not. I guess I just can’t stop thinking about good, live music and shots of beer from a forty of Bud Light at 6 p.m., being hungover by 9, and passed out by 10. Apologies all around for my musical product-placement, but visit www.daveandsteve.net so you don’t miss out on their next Power Hour and/or me being drunk and obnoxious in public – I promise both will be worth it.

Brian: Probably Vampires

Surprisingly enough, my favorite local band is not my brother’s, unlike that of some other writer. Though my brother does make music, I don’t feel it necessary to shamelessly plug him (though check out his label at www.oicrecords.com). Anyway … it’s so hard to pick a favorite band from the area because there is a lot of solid talent.

In my opinion though, there is much more than just pure, pristine talent that should be factored into what makes a good local band. High energy and enthusiasm is a must. Lots of unnecessary flailing is also good. Next, I’d say looking dirty/kind of dangerous is important too. But, at the same time the band should be appealing in a sick, wet puppy kind of way. If the band has maybe one or two too many members, that’s a plus too. I guess the songs being alright helps as well.

When you add this all up you get one clear winner in my book – Probably Vampires. With a kind of stupid name you might expect a kind of stupid band, but it’s quite the opposite. A throwback to old psychedelic rock with a little nod to punk here and there, PV is nostalgic and smart in their song writing. A tongue-in-cheek environment
welcomes you from stage as the sextet bounds and bounces into each other during their rollicking numbers. Maybe not technically brilliant or ultra-hip, Probably Vampires is a sort of Little Giants of music – a ragtag ensemble of unlikely characters coming together to get the job done.

Pure fun and no pseudo-quirky, pseudo-dumb covers, Probably Vampires are probably the best local band in the local area … probably.

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