Spiral Seisi£n

1. Name five bands or musicians that you would want at your show?

Avril Lavigne, Pierre Bouvier, Derek “Ding Dong” Bell, Kleenex Thee Almighty, Katie Joyce and Michael O’Shea.

2. Analog or Digital?


3. Where would you rather play: Air Force base or a puppet show?

A puppet show. Jeff and Conor have no intention of trimming their gorgeous locks.
4. Why should anyone come to your show?

Because we’ll be celebrating the official St. Patrick’s day with beer that isn’t dyed green.

5. Is Jonny Chemical (of The Chemicals) the sexiest man on earth?

No, Jeff Peyton is.

Spiral Seisi£n will be playing at The Iron Post in Urbana, tonight at 10. The opener is the U of I Big Band #1.

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