Spotlight on…heavy/punk

From new albums and cross-country tours to prominent local shows, these five bands have had a standout year in the category of heavy/punk artists. Check out a song, and see what they have in store for the rest of 2009.


Check Out: “A Curse” at

Roberta Sparrow

In 2008: “2008 for The Sparrow was great. We went on two tours of the States, recorded with one of our favorite local guys, Matt Talbot, and also released an EP (Blood’s Been Shed) … but [we] also lost a great bass player, Cody Pruitt, and gained a highly talented one right back [in] Chris Meinert. Highlights would definitely be the touring — it’s a great escape from the real world, and everything doesn’t always go your way, but you make the best of it.” — Roberta Sparrow
In 2009: “We are in the process of writing a new full-length record, which we are planning on recording with Adam Schmitt at Parasol Recordings. The new material, I’d have to say, is the best we’ve ever done, mixing way more melody and singing and a little less heavy … We also are in talks for an East Coast tour and always play local and regional shows wherever and whenever we can book them. So log onto iTunes and buy our new EP, or go and support Exile on Main, where you can find all local bands’ CDs (including ours). Also, check out for more info, and like always, check the MySpace page as well.” — Roberta Sparrow

Robots Counterfeiting Money

Check Out: “Brand New Sun” at

Terminus Victor

Check Out: “The Mechanical Eye” at


In 2008: “This year we were able to play on the East Coast Indie/Playwork Productions stage at Warped Tour in Chicago. We also recorded with Playwork Productions in Philadelphia, Penn., at Big Sky Audio twice — once in May and once in December. Also, this year, we added two new members to the permanent lineup — a lead guitarist and a bassist. We’ve really been trying to develop something new with our music. Currently with this new lineup, we are feeling that we are headed in the right direction musically.” — Jaron Lancaster
In 2009: “We will be heading out to Cleveland in June to record four or five more tracks. We are planning on putting out an EP including those four or five new tracks later on in the summer once it has all been mixed and mastered. We are also seeing about jumping on a tour for a bit of time during the summer.” — Jaron Lancaster

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