Spring Playlist

Finals may be right around the corner, and thousands of our fellow students are about to be thrust into the working world, but here at WPGU we wanted to take a few moments to appreciate this beautiful weather. Here’s a short playlist to fit the overdue transition to spring.

Flogging Molly – “If I Ever Leave This World Alive”

To me, there is nothing springier than Ireland, where they basically live in a perpetually cold Spring. All Irish music just sounds happy and infectious. It might be a weird thing to proclaim you really, really love Irish music, but there’s no good reason to dislike it either, and this song is a perfect example why.

-Emma Goodwin

Alabama Shakes- “Sound & Color”

I have been patiently waiting for the new album from Alabama Shakes for far too long and let me tell you, it does not disappoint. “Sound & Color” is the first song you hear off the album and its breezy xylophone tempo is the perfect song to be on the quad swaying in a hammock. The wispy voice of Brittany Howard combined with the simple lyrics is the reason why “Sound & Color” is my quintessential spring song. I’d hide your hammock if I were you because I will be stealing it in the middle of the night.

-Julia Antonson

Annuals- “Springtime”

I can’t decide if I’m copping out by choosing this song, or if it’s just the obvious right pick. As the title so clearly suggests, “Springtime” by Annuals is a beautiful encapsulation of bright and beautiful aura that spring exudes. Opening with lush piano coupled with soft nostalgic vocals, the song erupts into bursts of sunlight with crescendos, pulsating drums, and chorus-like vocals. Since the album Such Fun, which “Springtime” appears on was released, in 2008, my yearly return to the gorgeous textures of Annuals’ music always appropriately corresponds to the arrival of Spring. So I guess I’ve answered my own question; “Springtime” is the perfect choice for this playlist.

-Justin Peters

Passion Pit- “Lifted Up (1985)”
Whenever spring comes around you can always sense the anticipation for those summer days filled with unforgettable moments and good vibes. In their latest single “Lifted Up (1985)”, Passion Pit recaptures the bittersweet nostalgia from happier times while possessing hopefulness for what is yet to come. This upbeat and wildly addicting track reminds us that we can finally say spring is here and summer is no longer a lifetime away.

-Brenda Herrera

Tame Impala – “Alter Ego”

After spending all winter listening to sad and lonely music, it’s always nice when spring rolls around and I can pull open the curtains and let the sun shine in. I like to reach for the sunny tones of psychedelia and Tame Impala is making some of the best psychedelic rock music right now so it’s an obvious choice. Plus they’ve got a new album coming up soon so listen to this and get hyped!

-Eric Holmes

Roger Miller- “Oo-De-Lally”

As uncomfortable as I am with the excess of advertisements in the world today, a somewhat recent Android commercial featured this song, with images of opposite-seeming animals being buds (chicks and a cat, a dog and chimpanzee, etc.). It is incredibly cute, and warms my heart every time it comes on the tv. I have turned around and walked back into a room at the sound of this commercial because of the lightheartedness and warmth it evokes. Even without clips of happy animals frolicking in nature, this short Robin Hood song is enough to make me want to go outside and breathe in the fresh spring air.

–Claire Schroeder

(Photo by Zac Schroeder)

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