Springtime at Stones Throw Records

It’s the time of year that campus begins to feel slightly more upbeat and the weather starts to improve. And with this change in vibe there has to be a change in music right? No other label commands the West Coast and its fantastic weather like Stones Throw Records in Los Angles, California does. Their eclectic mixture of funk, soul, and hip hop is perfect for the springtime and taking full advantage of sunny days.

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Your favorite Minnesotan. You can find Charles meticulously cleaning his records or eating Takis on the couch. Many said his career in music ended after middle school band, but he's here to defy expectations by proving it didn't end with the tenor saxophone. Charles is an avid listener of Kanye West, Mac DeMarco, Parquet Courts and many others. Hopefully he can help you find your new favorite tunes.

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