St. Vincent at the Highdive: a look the concert in dialogue

We’re trying something different with this concert review. It’s going to be in stream of consciousness. We’re a lot like Faulkner, but not geniuses.

Evan: Elsinore was great as always. They played a “rare” song and everything sounded clear. I always love the lead singer’s voice and it really projected throughout Highdive. It’s cool that they got to open for a big act.

Nick: I concur. I’ve only seen them once, but I plan to see them again. What’d you think about Ms. Clark?

E: She’s very pretty. Wonderful bones, really an excellent frame.

N: I even found her armpit sexy. I don’t think I’ve ever found an armpit sexy.

E: Her eyes are just adorable. I love her. She even confirmed that her first album is named after an Arrested Development quote.

N: Her drummer had cool glasses; it looked like he was at a perpetual rave.

E: How about we move past the superficial stuff and talk about the music.

N: Deal. I thought her back up band was awesome. She had a violinist, a reeds player, a bass and drums, and Annie Clark played guitar. I expected people to just play that stuff on synths, but she brought great musicians.

E: I thought it was cool how Clark used her loop petal on her voice. She used that to help make the songs maintain the complexity of how they were on the album. Five people did a lot of subtle things to make it seem like a huge orchestra. Did you notice everyone had a keyboard?

N: Ah, I did not—clever. I thought Annie Clark could really shred like a demon. Seriously, she plays great guitar. She could do indie melodies, and she could do distorted noise sessions. The crowd absolutely loved the Beatles “Dig a Pony”.

E: Yeah that was great. She really tore it up on the guitar solo on that too. She made the guitar work for all the harmonies the Beatles did in the album version. I liked her solo version of “These Days” originally by Jackson Brown and Nico. Pretty tender and captivating.

N: How about the lights? It was cool how the band makes sure there’s something more to look at then just people jamming out. Ms. Clark has a real quirky stage presence too, and that was fun to watch. I’d like to imagine her having children with Andrew Bird—very talented children.

E: I guess the take away message of the show is that the group and Ms. Clark herself are fun to look at but even more fun to listen to. It’s awesome that she was able to quit school and pursue music. She’s talented and deserves the newfound success Actor has brought her.

N: If I could marry her I would… Unfortunately, I can’t.

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