Nectarios-Nicholas Kourtis | Program Director |


Hey! My name is Nectarios! I went to Australia this year and got abducted by a koala. I’m originally from Greece so my life is basically everything that happens in  ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’. I love radio and am one of the hosts of Take It Away. 




Evin Hook | On-Air Director |

My name is Evin or Vi… or Evin, people never really know what to call me. When I’m not purchasing black clothing online or getting a new tattoo, you can find me in any overpriced coffee shop working on playlists for my show Get Punk’d. My favorite genres of music are punk, emo, and classical. In short, I’m eternally stuck in my emo phase. I was right, Mom!



Glenda Villalon | Production Director |


Hello earthlings, my name is Glenda and this website says I’m WPGU’s Production Director. I’m a Chicago-native and rat enthusiast. You can find me at your local Arby’s parking lot at 3am watching cartoons and playing The Strokes. Or at the station, there too. Please don’t go looking for me… unless you wanna play some Gameboy then maybe we can be friends.




Theo Rosenberg | Marketing Director |


Hi! My name is Theo and I’m the Marketing Director here at WPGU. When I’m not coming up with ways to promote the station or talking about hip-hop on Can I Kick It, I like listening to music, making music, taking photos, and going to the ARC. Just in case you want to surprise me with food at the station, sushi is my favorite.





 Kyra Puetz  | Web Director |


Hey, I’m Kyra and I’m the web director for WPGU. When I’m not doing web stuff for WPGU, you can probably find me making yet another Spotify playlist, looking up the meanings behind my favorite songs, or listening to Modern Baseball. I also enjoy browsing Reddit or binge-watching anything with John Mulaney or Andy Samberg. Give me a follow on Twitter or Spotify at kyrapuetz and shoot me some song recommendations because I am always looking for new music.



Madeline Vogt | Social Media Director |


Hello! I’m Maddie and I’m the Social Media Director for WPGU. When I’m not taking naps at Espresso Royale, you can catch me creating weekly playlists for my show, “Writer’s Block”, or wasting time watching YouTube videos. Three words I would use to describe myself are: amazing, humble, and Minnesotan. 







Lucas Mohs | Engineering Director |


Lucas here! I spend my day trying to make sure that WPGU is still on the air … wish me luck.  If I’m not in the office, I’m either in class, thinking that I should be studying, or binge reading technical documents.  Yep, the only thing that keeps me sane right now is seeing a dog every now and again.






Jordan Kahn | Music Director |


I like short walks on the beach (exercising is hard) and making music even though I know literally nothing about it. I’m a CS major in training and trying not to die on a daily basis. My favorite genres of music are electronic, hip hop and indie rock.  Have any song suggestions? Send them to me at

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