Evin Hook | Program Director |

My name is Evin or Vi… or Evin, people never really know what to call me. When I’m not purchasing black clothing online or getting a new tattoo, you can find me in any overpriced coffee shop working on playlists for my show Get Punk’d. My favorite genres of music are punk, emo, and classical. In short, I’m eternally stuck in my emo phase. I was right, Mom!

Barrett Wynn | On-Air Director |

Howdy! My name’s Barrett, and I’m an expat from LAS trying to fit in with all the College of Media kids. Outside of playing nothing but The Clash and The Black Keys during my solo hours, you’ll find me writing stories for the News Department, trying to convince myself that taking Russian 202 was a good idea, or arguing with my roommates about how whether or not the 49ers are going to the Super Bowl this season (they are, by the way). If you ever want to work at the station, or already do and want to make it big on the air, don’t be afraid to hit me up!

Jon Zheng |Production Director |

Hi there! My name is Jon and I’m from the beautiful city of Baltimore, Maryland. I love all kinds of music, but especially old school hip hop and indie. In my free time, I watch TV shows, make music, bake, cook, and play video games. At UIUC I study Marketing and Information Systems and hope to one day produce ads professionally!


 Ryan Davila  | Web Director |

Heyo, my name’s Ryan and I’m WPGU’s Web Director. I’m an avid music lover with a specific admiration for punk and its indefinite scraggly appendages. Aside from destroying my cranial nerves  in mosh pits, I enjoy paleontology, writing, DIY fashion, and your random grab bag of nerdy hobbies. Contrary to this entire occupation, I’m a geology major that ultimately wants to go into vertebrate paleontology.  Feel free to follow me on Spotify (@Ryan Davila) and hit me up with any music recommendations!


Zoe Jacquat | Social Media Director |

Hey there! I’m Zoe and I’m the Social Media Director for WPGU. When I’m not making playlists for my radio show Music Mukbang, you can find me running with my teammates or at the gym. I love traveling and have been to all 50 states (my favorite is probably Alaska!) 


Lucas Mohs | Engineering Director |

Lucas here! I spend my day trying to make sure that WPGU is still on the air … wish me luck.  If I’m not in the office, I’m either in class, thinking that I should be studying, or binge reading technical documents.  Yep, the only thing that keeps me sane right now is seeing a dog every now and again.


Jordan Kahn | Music Director |

I like short walks on the beach (exercising is hard) and making music even though I know literally nothing about it. I’m a CS major in training and trying not to die on a daily basis. My favorite genres of music are electronic, hip hop and indie rock.  Have any song suggestions? Send them to me at

Sophie Zucchero | Marketing Director |

Helloooo I’m Sophie and I’m the Marketing Director for WPGU – exciting stuff! I love indie & alternative music (duh), fashion, hitting the thrift, coffee, and arts & crafts. I’m also an Advertising major and PR minor if anyone out there was wondering ;–) If you, by chance, are looking to collaborate with WPGU on a marketing event, email me & let’s make it happen!


Justin Malone | News Director |

Hey I’m Justin, the WPGU News Director! In my nonexistent free time, you can find me browsing the vastness of Twitter or flipping to C-SPAN at odd hours. Some of my favorite pastimes include being mistaken for Harry Potter, watching my sister play ice hockey, and giving engineering majors completely unwarranted political analysis. I’m always on the hunt for a good story (or Garden Salsa Sun Chips), if you have either, email me!

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