Stellar Days

A lot of things can happen in 4 months. For Stellar Days, starting a band, recording a few songs, and making a name for themselves in the CU music scene has been an abrupt and ambitious process.
Stellar Days, an acoustic rock group that formed in March of this year, has only been booking shows for the past month, but are offering the locals some promising material.
“We’re really far ahead of a game,” said drummer Mike Harvey. “We’ve clicked into something we like and we’re really into, and the response has been very positive.”
With each member drawing musical influence from a vast diversity of bands ranging from Ben Folds to Incubus, the pure element uniting them is a love for producing quality originals that stay true to who they are.
“We focus extremely hard to be as tight as possible and put on a good show,” said guitarist Ben Myers.
Myers worked with Harvey at a restaurant when the two of them decided to get together and play. They picked up bassist Woody Deck in March and from there, Stellar Days was formed.
They performed as a band for the first time in May at a birthday party, and have since booked shows at Canopy Club, Biaggi’s Restaurant, and Cowboy Monkey.
As individuals, the musicians of Stellar Days have come a long way. Harvey, who received his first drum set as a sixteenth birthday present from his mom, cranked up his Cake and Red Hot Chili Peppers albums until he could play every song. After a poor showing at Urbana High School’s homecoming tailgate, he has since mastered his performing skills and hopes to see what he can do in CU.
Although the band currently only has four demos up on their MySpace page, a full-length album will hopefully be in the works sometime soon. The group hopes to be hitting up the studio in August.
Although all new bands start out very ambitious, Stellar Days is taking that ambition to make things happen. They’ve come out fast and are working hard to start a fan base and build on that as they continue to try to perform as much as possible.
With performance booked at Biaggi’s Restaurant on July 29, and Canopy on August 7, it’s easy to look forward to Stellar Days and their contributions to CU music this upcoming school year.
“If you don’t go, you’re an enemy to rock,” jokes Harvey. “It’s a good time, it’s fun music, and it’s high energy.”

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