Stress-Free and Happy Playlist

Whether you’re a student or in the workplace, Thanksgiving generally means one thing; time off.  After what seems like an endless string of days woven together into a web of overworked despair, it is finally time to rest, relax, and gorge on food.  That being said, such feelings of happiness require music to match the mood.  These songs may not necessarily have the words “celebration” or “happy” in the title, but they match a wonderful mood.  Some are more upbeat, such as the Black Keys’ “Gold on the Ceiling,” and the Cars’ classic, “Good Times Roll.”  While other songs are simply meant to bring about a sense of relaxation, with the Shins’ “New Slang,” or Sufjan Stevens’ “Chicago.”  However, from Sheryl Crow to Animal Collective, all of the songs share the common theme of bringing forth a feeling of enjoyment and perfectly highlight the joys that come with some time off.