Summer for Snowsera

As a large portion of the student population begins their exodus home for the summer from another year of academia, many of us wonder what will be left for the local music scene here on campus. This week, we get a chance to talk to some of Champaign—Urbana’s most active and upcoming bands of the past school year, hoping they will not leave the community hushed in silence without their music.
Winning Best Live Performance this year at the LMAs, Snowsera has quickly established themselves in the community as a great local act. Will the summer tear them apart from CU, or can we expect them back next fall?

buzz: How do you feel this past year treated you as a band?
Snowsera: We are incredibly lucky. It was a great year for us as a band. We were able to step into this local scene and make a home, made a ton of new friends and played some amazing shows. This is not an easy feat for student bands. Like we said before, we just feel so lucky.
Buzz: Is there one single show or moment as a band that stands out as your favorite from the past year?
Snowsera: Definitely playing at the LMAs. That was really the pinnacle of the semester. Winning Best Live Performance and then getting to perform in front of such a great group of people was really great.
buzz: What are the bands plans for the summer?
Snowsera: We will be recording in Chicago with a producer. Before we did everything ourselves and having this opportunity will allow us to get an outside opinion and help us to grow as a band. It’s going to be a busy summer and we will be in the studio for all of June. Hopefully we can also get some shows going in the Chicago area and really continue to move in this industry.
buzz: Do you have a favorite summer memory?
Snowsera: Once we were on our way to Minnesota for a gig and we stopped at a cabin in Wisconsin Dells. We spent the afternoon at the lake and Bill sat in the front of the speedboat and giggled like a school girl on every wave we bounced over. It was a great pre-show activity.
buzz: Your next big show is the Canopy Club’s 10th anniversary concert. What’s next?
Snowsera: We are so honored to have an opportunity to play that show. It’s going to be a great time and everyone should really check it out. After that we are going to focus on recording and lay low in the city (Chicago) for awhile.

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