t.A.T.u. – All About Us

t.A.T.u. – All About Us

Genre: Euro-Teen

Available: The forthcoming album.

Call me fickle, but when t.A.T.u.’s Julia Volkova (the dark-haired one) turned up pregnant with a married man’s child, I thought the band was done. The duo, a collaboration between super-producer Trevor Horn (Yes, Frankie Goes To Hollywood) and a Russian psychologist, seemed doomed. After all, their trendsbian gimmick was faked. All About Us manages to grab all the stylistic tags of their previous singles and amp it up while remaining completely pure to their stated sound. The girls walk up a creepy scale, belting “If. You. Hurt. Her. You. Hurt. Me. Too.” under orchestral samples only to nail the harmonized chorus. It feels like being hit in the back of the head with a medium-rare cut of Serge Gainsbourg’s id. The vaguely domestic-violence lyrics are played out in the music video, where Julia is rescued from her abusive boyfriend by her bandmate. Horn and co. got it right – it really is all about t.A.T.u., and you can’t get in on the action.


Any music fan probably knows that Pete Doherty, former frontman of the Libertines, is the sort of guy who is so busy shooting up he forgets breakfast, the most nutritous and important meal of the day. However, being a completely blitzed Brit rockstar comes with perks – you get to date the flavor-of-the-month-girl supermodel Kate Moss.

Moss may be one of the shortest supermodels in the world, but her face has sold Gucci, Versace, and Calvin Klein, to name a few. Enter Doherty and his drug habit; though Moss’ former boyfriends Davide Sorrenti and River Phoenix may have both died from

overdoses, the habit apparently didn’t really stick until Doherty came around.

The Daily Mirror is reporting that they have exclusive pictures of Kate snorting cocaine during a recording session with Doherty. Alledgely, she inhales multiple lines of the the stuff with a ú5 note.

In other skinny-white-horse-addict-dates-pretty-blonde-girl news, Almost Famous star Kate Hudson and Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson are doing just fine after the birth of their baby “Ryder.”

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