Taking Back Sunday alums to play the Canopy

Emo bands are supposed to be known for their whiny, often depressing lyrics and gloomy melodies. Many of the bands that surfaced during the emo-craze that happened at the beginning of the millennium showcased those traits perfectly, but few of them actually had the trait that can make emo music listenable sometimes: passion. Long Island’s Straylight Run is one of the few emo bands that actually sound as if they truly mean everything their lyrics say and play with a passion that will make you want to pick up a guitar and pour your own heart out. That same passion and intensity only triples at their live show as they have one of the most engrossing shows of their genre. Be sure to check them out at The Canopy Club on February 4th – it is a much better alternative than some eye-liner wearing, girl pant sporting band that decided to cash in on the next musical fad.

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