Talking Trash with Ash: Trash of the Week Pt. 1

Everyone knows that MTV used to be the coolest of the cool, but in recent years it’s been the butt of all the jokes. Apparently, they’re currently making an attempt to go back to their roots.

A little while ago they brought back some old material- that awesome music segment “120 Minutes”, Beavis and Butthead… It’s been magical. Well now they’re adding even more magic. Remember “Liquid Television”? It’s back! Today they premiered their first new cartoon short since a little under two decades ago, and it’s about time. Perhaps we can save the brains of some of this generation’s youth instead of impregnating them with Teen Mom?

To my friends at MTV: right now you suck. Nevertheless, I commend you for trying to turn yourself around.

Someday, perhaps, Snooki will be as beautiful as Daria once was, but the world just isn’t that corrupt… yet.

With (tough) love,

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