The Alternative of Alternative

I was working at the buzz one day, looking for some shows coming to the Canopy and I found the treasure we call Asobi Seksu (meaning “Playful Sex” in Japanese). Their colorful album, Citrus, is teaming with trippy, shoe-grazing-ish tunes that make your heart thump and booty bump. I personally enjoy the songs “Thursday,” “Strawberries” and “New Years” – but the whole album is enjoyable. The singer has this airy voice, while she still keeps up with the hard guitar that rings in the background. Another album with a similar feel is Hocus-Pocus by Enon. This band hooks you with their electro-sugary-pop-rock-I’m-lovin’-it feel. Some say it’s not as good as their others, and true, some songs are just, ‘yeah, okay,’ but others are fun and catchy and I like it – which is why it made my picks. Next on the list is Teardrop Sweetheart by Misha. I downloaded this album on a whim. The first few songs really hit the target with their punky take on an Of Montreal feel. Misha is upbeat, and fresh with this latest release that came out on June 19. Following the pack, the album Everybody by the Sea and Cake has been a commodity I have been pleased to see in stores both around CU and in larger cities. So, I would like to point out that this album is perhaps my favorite of my picks. It is not depressing by being to weird or uncharacteristic, it is not annoying by being too poppy or punky, but it is mellow and light. A good mix to some good lyrics and great music. If you like the LCD Soundsystem/Wilco/Andrew Bird genre, I think I can say that you will like this album, if you don’t already. Last in line is The Fragile Army by Polyphonic Spree. I love the song, “Mental Cabaret,” which is filled to the brim with ’60s throw-back, psychedelic tunes that are complete through their interwoven chamber-ish voices to their horns, strings, beats and rock. They are, simply, infectious.

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