The Anti-LMA Argument

Hey, why can’t we all just be friends, eh? Not to detract from the honor the winners of the LMA should feel for their success, but is winning a contest like this really what these bands are looking for? I would certainly hope not. Most of the bands are in the same boat: they are all talented, many are unsigned and they all want to succeed, but I suspect not at the expense of their contemporaries.
Why would any band want to know they are not the best new artist, or not the best folk band or student band? Sure, they can take it as constructive criticism and strive for what has been deemed the musical status quo. They would probably prefer just to play shows and not care.
And what about the winners? They can either sit back and enjoy the ride or spend the next year practicing and practicing in order to maintain their position as the Best Such and Such. Then if they don’t win again, it can be labeled a “fall from grace.” If they do win again, suddenly you have a dynasty and people start furrowing their brows, stroking their beards and wondering who exactly is voting for these bands (answer: people registered at
No, no, no. I don’t know about you, but this is getting a little too paranoid and dramatic for me. This is CU, not the Grammys. Our music scene should be one based on a community of bands, not one that is tiered as a result of awards. My solution: do the exact same thing as last Thursday, only call it the Local Music Showcase and cut out the awards in between sets. They entertain no one but the winners and the people that say, “Hey, that’s the band I voted for!”

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