The best New Year’s Eve shows

“The shitshow that will be my apartment is going to be my best bet. It’ll be entertaining and a hell of a lot cheaper than the $76 I’d have to pay to see Spoon.” — Joe Smyth

“Spoon at the Metro…a bit pricey, but most likely well worth the money.” — Steve Marovitch

The Rose Bowl. To hell with Interpol. Bring out Juice Williams. — Charlie Johnson

The best New Year’s show is going to be my mom after her bottle of egg nog. (Last year we found two empties stuffed behind her bed). — Trendy Rende

If I was in Champaign, I would be drinking myself silly at Headlights’ show. If I hadn’t dropped everything and flown to California to see Spoon, then I’d be pretending I was high at Umphrey’s McGee. But, since we did, I’ll be partying at Spoon’s show and crossing my fingers for some super cool special guests. — Carlye Wisel

The best New Year’s Eve show this year is also the best bargain. The Flaming Lips are playing in Oklahoma City for $15 for all seats and floor. Which is 19% of the cost of The Raconteurs show last year ($80) at Aragon Ballroom. Sure, gasoline might even things up a bit, but road trips are the best part of college! — Josh Fisher

Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve because Dick is back, baby! — Liz Hutnik

The show to be at on New Years will start two days before. Umphrey’s McGee are playing a three-show gig at Aragon on the 29th, 30th, and 31st with The Wailers, Tortoise, and a tribute to themselves respectfully. It will be like Star Wars. Stars with A New Hope then the Empire (Tortoise) strikes back, and at the end we get the Return of the Jedi (their last 10 years) ending in a big pile of sweaty bear people and maybe a wookie or two. — Otto Stuparitz

Justice in LA. Because who wouldn’t want to kick off the new year with an explosion dance? — Tom Cyrs

The best New Year’s show is going to be Spoon because they are Spoon. Plain and simple. — Amanda Shively

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