The Four

I’m a twelve-year-old girl at heart, what can I say. At least Brian McGovern is out of town this week, and might not see these albums and berate me forever
Coheed and Cambria’s No World For Tomorrow
I’ve been getting so much shit for this, but their proggy rock-opera sound, just like the lead singer’s ginormo ‘fro, is unignorable.
High School Musical 2 Soundtrack
I was a theatre kid in high school, and although my musical tastes have evolved from Rent to Radiohead, listening to Vanessa Hudgens and that cute metrosexual girlish-looking-boy remind me of the dusty, costumed good ‘ol days backstage.
Hanson’s Middle of Nowhere
I will always love Zac Hanson. Always.
Christina Aguilera’s Back To Basics
People seem to dislike her because of her uggo husband and that time when she only wore chaps with her name bedazzled on them, but X-Tina has got SOUL, even if some songs are so-so.

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