The Hathaways and Big Grove Zydeco at The Iron Post

Packing the Iron Post, the Hathaways took the stage with guitar and charango in hand at their debut of their new EP on Saturday night. Their release, Hand Me Down, has 5 tracks recorded earlier this year displaying Kate Hathaway’s vocals and charango talents as well as James Hathaway’s role with co-lead vocals and folk inspired guitar playing.
Beginning the show with the song “Experiment,” which can be heard at their website. the duo showcased the unique sound of the charango, making their record come to life on the cold fall night.
They invited Tom Turino and Ben Smith of Big Grove Zydeco to add banjo and fiddle to the string based tunes. The 4 created a large, lush sound, making the intimate setting even closer, breaking into an alternate version of the song “Pusher,” another strong track from their EP.
Between songs, the duo announced that James would finish school early so they could tour their EP in Peru, the native homeland of Kate’s charango. The siblings look forward to learning an array of styles when they see how other contemporary players use the charango and apply it to other genres of music. I had to pick up a copy of their limited edition albums, packaged in homemade covers made from handmade paper and do-it-yourself design. The duo also sold new t-shirts along with some they got at the Salvation Army with their logo screen printed on. In my opinion, nothing is hipper than DIY merchandise.
After they finished, Tom Turino took the stage again with the rest of Big Grove Zydeco playing their infectious blend of the two-step. The group, consisting of the sexiest button accordion in the world, guitar, drums, bass, and violin, got the crowd swaying back and forth. Then in the next tune, the crowd came a little closer, moving their hips, and by the third song, everyone was getting a partner and showing off their dance moves. With some notable playful improvisation telling a story of 3 dogs named, “Puppy, Juicepig, and Penelope,” the entire scene invited everyone to participate and get their bodies moving. If you can’t imagine how this scene could feel so inspiring, you need to check out the next Big Grove Zydeco show in town as they appear at many local festivals and events.

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