The Hurly Burly

Pop-punkers Goldfinger will release their fifth studio effort, entitled Disconnection Notice, via Maverick on Feb. 15. The album was recorded in frontman Josh Feldman’s home studio.

Guitar god Steve Vai will release Real Illusions: Reflections on Feb. 22 via Epic. It is the first installment of a planned four-part concept album.

What the Hell?
The ancient Mayans, who invented a solar calendar so precise that it mystifies experts to this day, posited the end of the world as we know it in the year 2012. The apocalypse may be coming a little early this century though, as Sheryl Crow has announced plans to release not one, but two albums in 2005. The first one is cited as being more of an “art” record while the second will most likely be more “pop” according to One doubts that the “art” record will produce any Captain Beefheart covers though.

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