The Hurly-Burly

Chicago power-pop favorites OK Go recently released details about their new album, “Oh No,” due out August 30. Lead singer, Damian Kulash, describes the album: “Our first record was basically a studio project; we wanted it to be gleaming and shameless and plastic and hooky and happy. This time around we tried to leave a little more space. We left more grit and applied less polish.” As excited as we are about this, we are not excited about the fact that they will tour with Chicagoan labelmates, The Redwalls, and completely skip over the windy city-Diss!

Neptunes producer, Pharell Williams, recently worked with the son of “Growing Pains” star Alan Thicke, according to MTV News. U2 lead singer, Bono, suggested the pair make a record together, one that ended up being the first single, called “Wanna Love you Girl”. Pharell describes the song: “This record, you put it on with your girl, it’s a wrap. She’s naked.” Gotta love those “getting the ladies naked” songs. Men, take notes.

What the Hell? ˇMoment of the Week
A photographer was shot in the leg with a pellet gun outside the home of Britney Spears on Saturday evening, according to Yahoo!News and authorities. The deathly assassin is unknown at this point, but an officer said, “It could’ve been somebody driving by, walking by, we have no idea where it came from.” says Lt. Steve.

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