The Hurly-Burly

Celebrated heavy metal group Judas Priest will tour this fall to promote their 2005 release on Epic Records, Angel of Retribution. This album marks a comeback after 15 years of Judas Priest silence. The band will perform with openers Anthrax at Assembly Hall on Tuesday, September 27 at 7:30 PM. Look for tickets on sale at noon on Sunday, August 27.

Folk singer Devendra Banhart has been busy these days. Shortly after releasing a new album, British music news source Drowned in Sound reported that Banhart would launch his own record label this fall with an old friend, Andy Cabic. The first release for the record label will be Texan sing-er Jana Hunter’s ‘Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom.’ Nothing like doom and heirs to sell records, eh, Banhart?

What the Hell?  Moment of the Week
More Michael Jackson on the music news frontier: two of the fourteen jurors for Jackson’s infamous child molestation trial have “changed their minds.” Jackson’s lawyer has declared the comments made by the two jurors “embarrassing and outrageous. These people voted not guilty 14 times. … Now, nearly two months after being discharged, they’re changing their tune. I think it’s laughable.”

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