The Hurly Burly / What the hell?

The Hurly-Burly: Compiled by Logan Moore

The man behind Aphex Twin, Richard D. James, has announced plans to release a series of 10 12-inch vinyl EPs under the name Analord. Released via Rephlex Records, the first EP will come packaged with a binder to hold the remainder of the EPs, which will be released gradually throughout the first half of the year.

New Order will release their newest album, Waiting for the Siren’s Song via Warner in the UK on March 28. The North American release date, via Reprise, has yet to be announced. The set was produced by Tore Johansen and John Leckie and will feature the lead-off single “Krafty.”

Noel Gallagher announced on BBC Radio 1 that May 16 will be the release date for Oasis’ new album via Epic.

What the hell?   Moment of the Week is reporting that “trailer rock” superstar Kid Rock will be headlining a youth concert in honor of President Bush’s inauguration on Jan. 18. Hosted by party girls extraordinaire Jenna and Barbara Bush, the event will be held at the Washington, D.C., Armory. Apparently, being voted “Sluttiest Male Celebrity” at the MTV Video Music Awards is an excellent way of ingratiating oneself to the “moral majority.”

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