The Hurly-Burly / What the Hell?

The Hurly-Burly

Tenacious D will begin filming on their upcoming feature film, The Pick of Destiny, in March with director Liam Lynch. Before that the duo will be hitting the studio with the Dust Brothers to record the soundtrack to the film.

Mercury Rev is set to release their sixth full-length, The Secret Migration, in early 2005 in the United States. The album, helmed by longtime producer Dave Fridmann, will see an early release Jan. 24 in the UK.

What the Hell?

Students at a Boulder, Colo., high school were investigated by the Secret Service over a planned performance of Bob Dylan’s classic antiwar anthem “Masters of War.” Parents and students let the Secret Service and local talk-radio shows know they were concerned that the line, “And I hope that you die/And your death’ll come soon,” implied a threat against President Bush’s life. Yeah, glad to see the billions we’ve allocated to the Department of Homeland Security are being well-spent stamping out the scourge of stoned adolescent suburbanites. Al-Qaida is shakin’ in their fucking boots.

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