The Legend of Levi Morgan, Stay Gold Boys, Mountain Sprout : Review

Monday night at Cowboy Monkey was a country lovers delight. And not Taylor Swift country … I’m talkin’ the backwoods, twangy, makin’ moonshine kind of country.

Starting out the night were locals The Legend of Levi Morgan, a two-piece act with acoustic guitar and harmonica action that shined with a mix of gritty covers to heart-wrenching originals. The duo was nothing if not likeable and sweet, with their very own endearing and shy chatter between songs.

For those country-lovers who also have a bit of a rock-n-roll side, Stay Gold Boys brought out the rock-a-billy jams with some rad swing tunes. This trio brought out the very best of the genre with freakish talent and dancers to boot.

The final act, Mountain Sprout, had personality for days, which was apparent both on and off stage. They are a gritty, raw version of every mainstream bluegrass band you’ve heard (and are exponentially more kickass than any of ‘em). With songs about their homestate of Arkansas being a pain in the ass, these guys don’t hide their true feelings for a second. In addition to their vibrant personalities, Mountain Sprout brought down the house with their harmonies and spectacular musicianship. Next time they’re in town, I highly recommend these dudes to country-music-veterans and rookies alike.

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