The musical circus comes to town

This Friday, Zmick will turn Canopy into a Darwin-esque warzone. Their OURevoliton Costume Dance Party — which is completely free, by the way — calls for all attendees to dress for revolution, or evolution. Additionally, there will be face painting, Yellow Submarine showings in between sets, painters onstage, crazy decorations, cheap drinks and lots more. In case you were stumped as to what to drape on your body, buzz offers you some solid costuming choices for the event:
The Revolutionary War: Take an old t-shirt, preferably brown, tan or green, and glue toy soldiers all over it. Paint some of them with red spots, if you want to remind all your friends of what it was really like in battle.
George Washington: Pay your respects to the one who led us to victory. Take a swimcap or showercap, and glue cotton balls all over it. (Bonus points if you construct a beard.) Add a white shirt (with ruffles if possible) and a jacket with lots of buttons, and you’re set.
Les Miserables: You’ll not only look like a revolutionary, but you’ll let everyone at Canopy know that you’re into the arts. Anything brown, anything tattered or anything old-looking is the way to go. Throw a few dirt smudges on your face with a broken-in cap, too.
Voyage of the Beagle: Darwin spent his time investigating fossils, geological structures and unknown creatures. Get some glue, any sort of clothing and a bag of seashells, and cover yourself in beachy goodness to honor the journey. Feeling like showing off some skin? Two words: seashell bra.
Science: Praise the lord!…wait, don’t. Celebrate the theory of natural selection and create your own t-shirt with whatever creative phrase your mind can make up. Some suggestions: “Thank God For My Opposable Thumbs” and “Monkey See, Monkey Do, I Believe In Evolution Too.”
Genes: If you’re going to the show with a group of friends, this one is perfect. Have everyone wear the exact same thing — a red t-shirt, jeans and black shoes, for example — but have one of you wear something blaringly different. It’s a genetic mutation you can see with your eyes.
Don’t miss Zmick with special guest The Coop this Friday, 1/25 at Canopy Club. The show begins at 9 pm, and is free.

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