The Redwalls

The Redwalls

de nova


Thrown admist the recent wave of up-and-coming boy bands, or better put, bands that have boys in them, The Redwalls do their part to stick out from the rest. Their

catchiness and versatility makes every song on their album a potential masterpiece. The 13 tracks on their sophomore album de nova ooze with musical influences such as Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones, but mostly The Beatles.

“Front Page” blurs the lines between past and present with evocative lyrics and sound clips pertaining to Middle Eastern conflict, and vocals that are eerily similar to that of “I Am the Walrus.” Another track that stands out is “Falling Down,”whose lyrics take a jab at the FCC in regards to an incident in which a particular four-letter word was dropped by one of the members while on the radio. A soulful piano intro paired with strong group vocals makes “Build a Bridge” a winner, not unlike the rest of the songs on the album.

The Redwalls have created a disc that could potentially be around for an extensive period of time. Originating in Deerfield, Ill., it seems shocking that such talented musicians were born and raised in what is, for many of us, a part of our hometown. To me, it is almost incomprehensible that The Redwalls, with their pseudo-British flair, probably spent their teenage nights hauling up and back on the Edens Expressway and Green Bay Road, just like the rest of us suburban Chicago natives.

Regardless of their start in cities overseas or even in our own backyard, their tunes have undeniable soul with a twist of mellow simplicity. Every track weaves strands of slight familiarity with musical freshness, thus making de nova an album that can appeal to the masses and simultaneously move the individual. Bottom line: with music that sounds like a new spin on old classics, The Redwalls’ addictive new disc is without a doubt worth a listen.

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