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March 13 has always been a crucial day. Without it, there would simply be no way to bridge the gap between March 12 and March 14, which could potentially cause a major disturbance in both the space and time continuums. For your delight, buzz has compiled some music related to this special day in history.

March 13, 1781: The planet Uranus is discovered by Sir William Herschel

Best paired with: Gorillaz’s “Every Planet We Reach is Dead” from Demon Days (2005)
Although much has happened in the last 227 years — for example, Pluto is no longer a planet — the song choice for this day was probably the same then as it is now, assuming Gorillaz was still cool back in the final days of Mozart.

March 13, 1906: Susan B. Anthony, the great fighter for women’s suffrage, dies at 86

Best paired with: The Beastie Boys’ “Girls” from Licensed to Ill (1986)
Anthony would be happy to know that Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock really just wanted girls “to do the dishes” and occasionally “to do the laundry.” Surely that type of misogyny is not what she spent her life trying to eradicate.

March 13, 1940: An oft-forgotten conflict, the Russo-Finnish Winter War, comes to an end.

Best paired with: Matt Munro’s “From Russia With Love” from the James Bond film of same name (1963)
Joseph Stalin, on the eve of war with Germany, decided in 1939 that he wanted a piece of Finland. The Finns, brave Vikings that they are, fought until the end, ceding only a small piece of territory to the Russians, who were promptly kicked out of the League of Nations. Munro, though, was probably ignorant about this conflict. Helluva voice, though.

March 13, 1911: L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, is born.

Best paired with: Beck’s “He’s a Mighty Good Leader,” from One Foot in the Grave (1994)
The hippest Scientologist this side of the solar system, Beck opened up his independently released third album with this Skip James classic. Maybe he changed his mind after he found out about the E-Meters, the exorbitant membership fees and John Travolta’s Boeing 707.

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