Traveling to Places Playlist

Often in the winter, with the outside being rainy or snowy and altogether unfriendly to even step outside, it makes you think about getting out and going somewhere else entirely. As we enter spring, the mood intensifies, and hopefully, there’s a chance soon to go out, find something to do, and maybe travel a little bit. When you find yourself in a mood to travel, the questions come up of where to go, what to do, and who to go with? In the end, just getting away from everything or heading to a place you find yourself at peace is a good enough reason for travel, and this playlist tries to capture a few of those widespread feelings about moving to and from places. Whether it’s songs about a place that isn’t like your own, heading somewhere, returning home, or finding comfort right where you are, this playlist puts together a few songs about traveling and places to find some comfort in as we start to inch our way away from the cold outside.

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