Twista, What Was That Again?

For all those who don’t know, Twista holds the world record for the fastest rapper and he proved it to the crowd over and over again. His crew came in on the traditional rap attacks giving the crowd the chance to sing along otherwise nobody could have caught Twista going that fast.

Opening for Twista was a group called Golden that featured a live hip-hop band of bass, keys, drums and sampler machine getting the crowd rallied up for Twista. Golden’s act started with originals that no one knew but got everyone excited and finished with “Oh-Oh-It’s Magic” from college fraternity favorite Happy Gilmore.

Twista finally came on stage, diamond incrusted Ipod and all, and started the show with his six crew members. They hit right into it showcasing Twista’s speed and played into the crowd with a short remix called “Twista that Soulja Boy”. Twista started mixing originals in with remixes over other great acts like Kanye West, David Banner and the Ying Yang Twins. After such a high energy beginning he played his Kanye produced track “Slow Jamz,” giving the crowd a breather from their sweaty dance orgy. After some drawn out props to Biggie, Aaliyah and Tupac he played his new single, “Money to Blow” which seemed extremely radio-friendly to support his new album coming out May 27. Twista still reigns king for rapping so fast it’s amazing that his crew could keep pace.

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