Ultimate Instrumental Playlist

Often times you may find yourself singing along to a song, finding hidden meanings in the lyrics and truly relating to what the artist has to say. Words are powerful. They have the capability of evoking certain kinds of emotions deep within and offering a unique interpretation to every one of us. Simply put, there is an unquestionable beauty that belongs to fusing of lyrics and a melody. However, there is an even greater beauty attributed to instrumental music. To be able to compose a piece without the use of words and still elicit an emotional response from the listener is no easy feat.

You might think music without lyrics can seem as if the song doesn’t have a story to tell, or is just flat out boring. Sad to say you have not yet experienced the wonderful simplicity of instrumental music. Void of any words or additional lyrics, it is solely the the artist and their instrument. Pouring their emotions and soul into their music, they are able to achieve the telling of a story with the absence of words.

All of the songs included in this playlist are stripped down to the core, just pure, raw, instrumentals. It’s not your typical instrumental playlist- free of any classical symphonic sounds- with a twist of rock and alternative. It is the ultimate collection of songs for anything-studying, walking home from class, or even just background music when hanging out with friends.

About Natalia Fic

Natalia is a sophomore from the Chicago suburbs studying psychology and Spanish. In her spare time she attempts to write her own music, raves about how much she loves dream pop, and simply enjoys the beauty that life has to offer.

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