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Valentine’s Day can be a huge bummer if the object of your affection has no idea that you even exist. We struggle with that feeling year ’round here at WPGU, so we’re taking Valentine’s Day to profess our love for those that will never love us back.

1. The 1975 – “Sex”

Who doesn’t love airy men with heavy british accents, I mean can you blame me here? The 1975 hails from Manchester, England, the country where beautiful men are bred. Even though lead singer Matty Healey might be shorter than me, the fact that he always has a bottle of wine and a cigarette at each concert makes him the teenage girl’s dream. Not to mention his hairstyle created a movement amongst men and women alike. If we’re talking attractiveness, the eyes do not overlook Belgian drummer, George Daniel, who’s tall and handsome. How could you ignore this group of all black-wearing indie hotties this Valentine’s Day?

-Emma Kelley

2. Flume – “Drop The Game”

Last summer during Lollapalooza, I had the most euphoric experience of my life. I’m talking about seeing Flume jamming to his electronic keyboard in front row. As a 5’1” girl, squeezing through the sweaty crowd and inhaling the second-hand weed was not only challenging but also very life-threatening. The chances of me getting trampled by Converses or blinded by alcohol were higher than the chances of a bird getting run over by a bike. However, Flume was worth the struggle. Ever since I heard his remix to “Me and You”, I’ve been mesmerized by this Sydney-native lad and his music. His tall stature and baby face definitely make him eye-candy. Moreover, he definitely deserves brownie points for a sick dress style. He is always on point with whatever he wears, whether it be a cool graphic shirt with a bomber jacket draped over him or just a crisp tropical printed button down. Of course he’s more than just the looks. If one watches his interviews or backstage scenes, one could easily fall for his humbleness and boyish charm. Being only 23, he is a rising young talent in the electronic and instrumental scene. Not only had he collaborated with Lorde, he also worked with musicians like Chet Faker and T. Shirt. Wearing a simple beige dress shirt and sporting his hair slightly parted to the right, Flume looked like an average lanky cutie on stage during Lolla. But once he turned the notches on his keyboard and the lights in front of him lit up, he transformed into an EDM god. Churning out a steady drum pattern and backbeat, he made everyone dance. He possesses the power of making a crowd move, of shifting a wave of people from one position to another. I am excited for the next time he’ll be back in the Midwest to perform.

-Ellen Chen

3. Björk – “All Is Full Of Love”

They say exotic is sexy, and if you ask me, you can’t get much more exotic than Iceland. It’s like a little fantasy island full of vikings and weird looking words that give me anxiety even thinking about trying to pronounce. But despite its mysterious, make-believe nature, one artist stands out as being one of Iceland’s most prominent figures – Björk. Not only is she a remarkably talented songwriter, producer, composer, and singer, she’s also fucking adorable. Sure, she wears weird clothes (like, really weird), but when you strip away the rainbow cotton-candy-like wigs, the vibrant face paint, and the dresses designed by who I can only assume is the top fashion designer on Neptune, you’re left with a cute, forever youthful girl talking about her TV. So Björk, when you’re not beating the shit out of paparazzi, or touring with a full inuit girl’s choir, you think you could spare the time to be my valentine? <3

-Justin Peters

4. Prince – “Do It All Night”

By now, Prince seems to have morphed into more of a myth than a man. I mean, who could begin to decipher a guy who changed his name to a symbol? And then had the guts to change it back? While some people find Prince’s antics to be annoying, or even desperate, I’ve always been attracted to his weirdness. He’s a real artist, and he seems aware that not every project will become a success, but that doesn’t stop him from continuing to work and be a singular character. But, most importantly, he knows how to woo his listeners with an extensive catalog of sexy songs.

-Claire Schroeder

5. Miguel – “Adorn”

I don’t know what it is about Miguel’s voice, but somehow it sounds like pure sex. It never sounds like he’s trying to hard, but it’s always just the perfect tone. When I first saw Miguel’s Tiny Desk Concert, I didn’t fall head over heels in love, but i did immediately covet his voice.

-Joe Winner

6. Childish Gambino – “3005”

If I ever got the chance to take Donald Glover on a date, I think my entire being would explode with excitement. Not only is he an amazing musician, but he’s acted in Community (and briefly Girls), was a writer for 30 Rock and is a hilarious comedian. Plus, his smile is so bright and adorable it could maybe power my Christmas tree.

-Emma Goodwin

7. Chvrches – “Tether”

With time winding down on my Senior Year, I’ve come to the realization that I’ve lived in Central Illinois for my entire life. Thus, I’ve enlisted the help of Lauren Mayberry and the rest of her Scottish outfit for this track, “Tether”, off of 2013’s The Bones of What you Believe for comfort. Perhaps the most poignant track of this record, the resonance of lines like “Will we ever make it out of this place?” reverberate through my mind constantly during this impending period of utmost uncertainty commonly referred to as “post-graduation.” The track itself ends on an upbeat note, perhaps leaving hope among uncertain lyricism. Lauren Mayberry just gets me, man. I shook her hand once.

-Boswell Hutson

8. Blondie – “Call Me”

I can distinctly remember the 8th grade when I was in love with all things 80’s. I saw the cover art for my aunt’s vinyl Parallel Lines and wanting to kiss the beautiful lead singer, Debbie Harry. It really hit me hard though when I heard her sing. She did it so seductively, inviting me to drink wine and to cover her with kisses. The best part is when she sings in Spanish and French. For all I knew, she could have been counting in French, but she did it oh so sexily.

-Mateo Muro

9. My Brightest Diamond – “This is My Hand”

Massive girl crush: Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond has one of the most gorgeous voices I’ve ever heard. Much of her music maintains a sweet and classic sound, but it can amass to something seriously powerful. Maybe you haven’t heard her own releases, but you’ve definitely heard her vocals on most of Sufjan Stevens’ albums, (including Christmas songs) and she’s prominently featured as the the Queen in The Decemberist’s 2009 album Hazards of Love. “This is My Hand” comes off of her new album — with an addition version sung in French — and there’s a fantastic new La Blogotheque performance of it coming out soon.

-Diana Czarny

10. Slowdive – Souvlaki Space Station

Maybe it’s the heavenly noise she often surrounds herself with, but Rachel Goswell sounds like an angel. This shoegazing goddess proved to the world that noise could be beautiful, all you need is some catchy melodies and a beautiful voice. Sure, Slowdive’s guitars sound wonderful, but it’s really Goswell’s angelic voice that made the band as influential as it has been.

-Eric Holmes

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