Valentine’s Day Playlist 2019

Image credit: Trevor Kamrath

This is it. This is the best Valentine’s Day playlist our loyal fans will ever hear — until we top it again next year. The WPGU web writing team curated a hearty amalgamation of Valentine’s Day-related tunes. Whether you’re hopelessly in love, on the prowl or just riding it solo, we’ve got you covered.

Originally planned as a banger playlist, we quickly realized a crucial detail during the playlist-curation process: The lines that distinguish a banger about romance and a plain ol’ love song blurs. A lot. So, we all decided to throw a bunch of stuff into the Crock-Pot instead, hoping it’d turn out great. And we think it did.

Coming in hot at 40 tracks total, it’s perhaps the most diverse collection of love songs to play on Valentine’s Day. We’ve included artists from the past 50 or so years in music, whether it’s The Beatles, Queen, Post Malone or Radiohead. We’ve got indie rock, hip hop, synth pop and soul. Love knows no bounds, and our music tastes sure don’t either!

Give it a listen below, and have a great Valentine’s Day!

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