Venue profile: Embassy Tavern

These days, it is hard to imagine an age-old bar surviving at the center of a rapidly developing town in our modern era. While it is easy to see drinking establishments that cannot keep up with the times with alcohol being the main attraction all week and the regulars blending with the scenery, CU is fortunate enough to be graced with more valuable and cultured bars. Here we find a tavern that is and always has been in touch with the atmosphere of its hometown — one that the locals know and love as a welcome place to unwind and have a great time.
Established in 1936, the Embassy Tavern has evolved through its many owners and multiple locations in the area. A value that has been preserved throughout the years has been the complimentary services of cooking up great food while supporting live, local music. With quaint tables surrounding a beautiful wooden bar that spans the entire length of the one-room tavern, the Embassy’s rich history bears an important place in its current atmosphere. The up-and-coming local music performed at the Embassy Tavern four days a week, combined with the traditional interior, results in a pleasing crowd-drawing blend of classic and modern aesthetics.
Owner Ross Veach is an ardent supporter of local music. After taking over the Embassy nearly 15 years ago, he brought his love of music to the forefront of the business. Nowadays, the Tavern draws the biggest crowds during shows performed in the evenings. People come to the Embassy to eat great food and listen to their favorite local music, which ranges from jazz to blues to bluegrass. Depending on the size of the band, the set usually blends casually in the midst of the crowd, between tables and up across from the bar. Veach said this setup creates the optimal level of interaction between the crowd and band. With groups such as the New Orleans Jazz Machine, Houchin & Briggs, and Jeff Kerr & Billy Galt frequenting the attention at the Embassy Tavern again and again, the venue is not only great for hungry crowds seeking great food and local entertainment, but also for local artists looking to perform for an enthusiastic crowd in a place warm and appreciative of local music.

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