Virus Playlist

In the past month or so, there has been a worldwide panic over the outbreak of the Coronavirus, now renamed COVID-19. To lighten up the mood, I made a playlist of a bunch of songs about being sick and ill. I know what you’re thinking: Is this just some sh*tty novelty playlist that I made meant to ride on a current trend? Of course it is.

Now, you’d be surprised at how there’s not many songs dealing specifically with being diseased. There’s tons about being lovesick or mentally ill, but not many pertaining to actual pathogens. Some of the songs had me scraping the bottom of the barrel to find them, and for others, they were a no-brainer. Ranging from folk to nu-metal, making this playlist was fun, and I hope you get a kick out of the titles as much as I did. Please enjoy, and stay sanitary.

About Matt Mak

Matt is an undeclared Freshman from the North Suburbs of Chicago. A quiet but gloomy person, he enjoys anything dark, disturbing, experimental, or provocative. In his free time, you can find him spending time trapped in his room, writing songs that lament on his lost years. Sad!

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