Warm Spring Nights playlist

Spring has finally arrived in Champaign after a long, hard winter. I’m a huge fan of spring and the activities that take place. Sitting on the quad, Murphy’s in the warmer weather, going on long walks…you name it, I’m there. My favorite thing about springtime, though, is the warm spring nights. There’s a slight breeze in the air, but you’re able to go out without a bulky coat and you actually get to leave class while the sun is still out (shoutout to my fellow classmates that have class after 5pm…we’re all in this together). That is why I created a “warm spring nights” playlist to celebrate the lovely spring weather Champaign is experiencing. Enjoy it before it snows again! I’m kidding, but with the unpredictable Midwest weather, anything is possible.

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Kyra is a senior from the South Side of Chicago studying Advertising and is the Web Director for WPGU. She loves looking at album cover art, drinking iced chai tea lattes and doing crossword puzzles. Kyra is also a huge Harry Potter nerd and lover of stupid jokes.

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