Weekly Update

This upcoming week, recording artist Chance the Rapper will meet with Illinois governor Bruce Rauner to discuss education reform. Hopefully Chance the rapper, and Mr. Rauner can put their heads together to solve the many budget issues the state of Illinois has. 

Bassist  Thundercat, released a new album to high praise this past week. The album had contributions from artists Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, to Kendrick Lamar, and Kasmani Washington. His last album featured the track “These Changes”. 

Soundgarden has announced a 2017 US tour. The grunge masters will be closest to the Champaign area on May 10th in Indianapolis.  The Tour is to help promote their new album that will be released in this year. 

John Mayer released an EP this week titled The Search for Everything Wave Two this is his second EP released in the last year, as you may have guessed the first EP was titled The Search For Everything Wave One. As Mayer said in a tweet on the 23rd “I’m truly “releasing” these songs and it’s a beautiful feeling. “

Jay-Z will be the first rapper to be inducted into the Songwriter hall of this June. 


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