Weekly Wrap-Up : April 16-22

Now that our taxes are all filed … except not if you’re a student like me, though … let the party begin!

Monday, April 16: There’s the usual 80s night at Cowboy Monkey and Comedy Trouping happening at Mike N’ Molly’s. Or you could just rest up and look forward to Thursday.

Tuesday, April 17: The usual open mic night at Cowboy Monkey. Or you could just rest up and look forward to Friday.

Wednesday, April 18: The usual trivia night at Mike N’ Molly’s. Or you can just rest up and look forward to Saturday night. (Seeing a trend here?)
P.s. Surprise! There’s actually this pretty cool art show at The Canopy Club called “EZ Clean Up.” It’ll be highlight some work from UIUC seniors majoring in various areas of art. Plus, there will be a live DJ and free food. Woooo!

Thursday, April 19: Hit up Cowboy Monkey tonight, no questions asked. A trifecta of amazing local talent is melding together into what is bound to be one helluva show. The Daredevil Christopher Wright, Common Loon and (now Chicago-based, but always C-U at heart) Santah are all performing. If you have seen any of these acts, you know you wanna be there. If, somehow, you’ve never seen any of them … then I literally think you might live under a rock, and you also desperately have to go.
Also, The Boneyard Arts festival starts today. It’s from the 19th to the 22nd this year. There are always plenty of awesome things to do, so make sure to check this out too.

Friday, April 20: And the insanely impressive local line-ups continue. Today I expect to see you at Mike N’ Molly’s. Local faves Take Care and Withershins are, undeniably, going to rock the house tonight. As an added bonus, a Minneapolis-based, psychedelic rock and shoe-gaze inspired band will be playing too. Gospel Gossip is stopping by the humble Champaign-area. Check these guys out before you can’t even afford tickets for their shows!
(Reminder: Boneyard!)

Saturday, April 21: Check out the Illini Union Board’s production of Chicago: The Musical! This show is all about sexy ladies dancing, murdering people and getting famous. You’re obviously going to have a good time.
(Reminder: Boneyard!)

Sunday, April 22: Were you so busy doing all of those things on Thursday, Friday and Saturday that you forgot about Boneyard Arts Festival? DUDE, I reminded you every single day! So experience that all day today. Once again, more info about that.

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