Weekly Wrap-Up : April 2-6

Monday, April 2: Cowboy Monkey is kicking things off for the month of April. Arkansas-based Mountain Sprout is going to be gracing the always hip and happenin (oh yeah, I really did just use that phrase) venue. These guys are Ozark music-inspired with fierce banjos and fiddles, a deep thumpin’ bass and, of course, killer guitar riffs and great, gritty vocals. Doors, and the bar, open at 8 pm. The Legend of Levi Morgan and Stay Gold Boys are opening at 9:30 and 10:30 respectively.

Tuesday, April 3: If the wild n’ rough bluegrass scene isn’t for you, then Tuesday night is your night. The Canopy Club and Mike & Molly’s are having two completely friggin’ different shows. EOTO, an electronic, dance music duo is going to be bringing the house down at Canopy Club. These guys are sort of like your standard party DJ, but they’re way crazier. They’re crazy innovative and experiment with weird, unique show ideas. This is a must-see for party-hoppin, thrill seekers.
If a calmer night seems more your thing, hit up the ever-cozy Mike & Molly’s. Indie-rockers from Stockholm, Sweden will be coming to middle-of-a-corn-field-in-Illinois tonight. With some local faves like Midstress and Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps opening, Tuesday night is the night to kick back with a few PBRs at Mike & Molly’s.

Wednesday, April 4: Wednesday. Middle of the week. Time to kick back and relax on the sunny Quad with a good book. (Or go up to Chicago to see Say Anything. That’s what I’ll be doing.)
Also, as per usual, there’s free salsa and tango night at Cowboy Monkey. That ounds like some super sexy fun. Dare ya to give it a try!

Thursday, April 5: Mike & Molly’s takes the cake tonight. Chicago-based band, Labirinto, is coming down with their ambient sounds and progressive rock flare. Plus, two good ol’ Champaign bands will be warming the stage up for4 Labiritno. Kickin’ off at 10 pm, Champaign-based Take Care and Goblin Colors are scheduled to rep the C-U area.

Friday, April 6: Speaking of repping the C-U area, Cowboy Monkey will be exuding local talent Friday evening. Sun Stereo, Creepy Band and (the always fabulous) Dirty Feathers will be performing. Doors open at 9, and the show starts at 10.
On the other side of town, Canopy Club will be the home of a raging dub-step night. Four DJ’s, including WPGU 107.1’s very own DJ Red Beard, are coming together for a night with an epic title: BAANG TIME! Oh my! Sounds like a crazy time to me!

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