Weezer returns in 2009 with Raditude

Who doesn’t love getting your angst on with “Say It Ain’t So”? The true question is, well over ten years later is Weezer giving us anything to top that. Weezer has always carefully treaded the waters of pop/rock, but their last two attempts seem to go under. While the cover of Raditude may be rad, the rest is somewhat lackluster. As always for Weezer, the melodies are catchy, almost hard to resist. What is lacking is the depth that usually defines Cuomo, but perhaps it is simply not fair to compare Raditude with Weezer six other full length albums.
One of the most troubling tracks was “Can’t Stop Partying” which featured Lil’ Wayne. This song, like most of the album, is an unoriginal attempt to lay down a hit. In “Can’t Stop Partying”, it is somewhat ambiguous on whether or not Weezer is the creator. Another song that is equally curious is “In the Mall” which is pretty much an ode to cruising the mall. The listener is just left wondering why a bunch of men far past the mallrat stage are harping on such a mundane topic. As for “I Want You To”, what it lacks for originality it makes up for in catchiness? The brutal honesty and depth of Weezer is lost in this album. Raditude may be a good time or just a fun listen but, it lacks any sense of sincerity or depth.
WPGU Music Staff Rating: W-P

W = Poor
W-P = OK
W-P-G = Good
W-P-G-U = Great!

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