Well, that figures — Error House takes a dive

Maybe it was all of the press surrounding the great all-ages shows being booked, or maybe it was just plain bad luck involving some city official driving by at the wrong time, but it certainly had nothing to do with complaints from neighbors. Error House, the Hessel Park area spot that had carved itself a niche by putting on shows that lots of folks wanted to attend, has been shut down by the city, which cited zoning issues and other various reasons. Continue to follow Myspace.com/errorbooks, though, as the same people will continue to bring you shows at other venues (such as the Savoy Rec Center). It seems that Sunday’s planned Error House tour kick-off show for Good Night and Good Morning will have to take place elsewhere, which means you should check out Myspace.com/gnagm to find the exact location. The show features a great lineup, including A.P. Swearengin (Kansas City), Mahomet’s Todd Reese, Wabash (Decatur), ¡Sí! (from right here in Champaign) and So Long Forgotten (performing an acoustic set). So Long Forgotten is one of the hardest touring local acts around right now, but most scenesters haven’t seen them because they don’t play Champaign often. But they are not to be missed if you like bands in the vein of Lovedrug (positive but not overbearing message, expertly played, interweaving guitar licks). Search any of these bands for (hopefully) some more info on where the show will land on Sunday.
Elsewhere this week, you can find Centaur(Matt Talbot, ex-Hum) peeking its head out to perform at Mike ‘n Molly’s with New Ruins in the opening slot. This all goes down tonight, with an 8 p.m. start, a TBA cover, and hopefully a beer garden setting.
For those planning on hitting the sauce after (or before, really) the fireworks on the Fourth, Rock’s will offer up a free show from Curb Service, to commence after the show in the sky (9:30ish).
On Sunday, Paul will be grilling up steaks on the patio of the Iron Post while Backyard BBQ Band performs (starting at 6 p.m.) for Steak Out.
Back to Mike ‘n Molly’s for a show on Wednesday evening with Neoga Blacksmith (you might recognize Evan on the keys as the guy you saw strapped to a cross in Jesus Christ Superstar this spring), Chicago rock outfit Lovers In Arms, and Common Loon, a band which is truly making some of the best music in the scene. 9 p.m., $5.

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