What Allison Is Into

  1. Meet Me Halfway- The Black Eyed Peas

Yes, everyone knows this song and everyone remembers dancing to it in middle school. But if you are able to suppress those memories and really listen to the song, it honestly has a real rhythmic beat and Fergie’s voice in it is surprisingly really good.

  1. Ghostbusters- Ray Parker Jr.

How else am I supposed to get into the Halloween spirit when midterms and semester long projects are the only scary things in my life?

  1. Spread-Outkast

I enjoy this song because the chorus is so different than the versus that it never fails to bore me. It’s an uplifting and fun song that I recommend listening to.

  1. On My Body- Shoffy

This song is honestly just pretty diverse among my other songs and it dragged me in when I heard it on my Discover Weekly playlist. It’s an interesting beat that I didn’t expect the first time I heard it.

  1. Distant Past- Everything Everything

This is my go to song to blast as I walk my lazy self to my 9 am. If you listen to it, you’ll understand why. It’s that little morning motivation you need.

  1. 4 AM- 2 Chainz and Travis Scott

I’ve been going through a hard 2 Chainz and Travis Scott phase so this song satisfies two needs in one. It has definitely been on repeat this last week.

  1. Cry For You- September

“I haven’t heard this song in forever!” That was my reaction when I heard it this past summer. I’m still hooked on it. Blast this while you’re walking home from class.

  1. True Faith-New Order

I always have one classic 80’s song I’m really into at all times. This week, it’s this one.

  1. Miserable America-Kevin Abstract

This song immediately dragged me in. I love everything about it, from the dramatic chorus to the uplifting beat, it will always one of my go to songs.

  1. Sulk-TR/ST

Honestly just a really good song to put on as background noise or to walk around campus listening to.