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Correction: We introduced local act World’s First Flying Machine below as the “boys” of WFFM, when in fact, they have two lovely ladies contributing to their music as well. The correction appears below.
Last spring, just when things were getting interesting, many of CU’s newly favorite bands left us for the summer. Whether they were taking time off for vacation in foreign countries, going to summer camp or hiding themselves away in studios, CU was left wondering what would become of up-and-coming artists such as World’s First Flying Machine and Snowsera. In May, we got a chance to talk to each group about their plans for the summer and what we should expect from them come the school year (check it out on the217.com). Now, as Pygmalion brings everyone back to campus town, buzz catches up with each group to see how well they have lived up to their summer commitments.


After a successful summer in the studio, writing and recording under the direction of acclaimed Chicago-area producer Brian Zieske, Snowsera has much to brag about. Busy marketing the newly digital release of their new EP, Fictions, as well as preparing for their industry showcase at Chi-town’s Schuba’s Tavern this past Tuesday, the quartet of alt-rockers barely has time to breathe. This spring, Snowsera was recognized for its vast achievements in the local scene, winning both WPGU’s Local Music Award (LMA) for Best New Artist as well as Best Live Performance. The band considers receiving both LMAs a high honor but, more importantly, a challenge. “Winning both awards sets the bar high for us, and we need to maintain that,” notes guitarist, Ian Erard. With hopes of diving into the Chicago music scene as well as landing a future gig at the city’s famed Metro, Snowsera has much to look forward to.

World’s First Flying Machine

After three months in foreign countries and summer camp, the boys (and ladies) of World’s First Flying Machine are back in CU and ready to jump right into the music scene.
“I definitely miss the whole scene,” said frontman Ben Campbell. “It’s always great going to shows and recognizing people. It feels like a really good community, and I’ve missed it a lot.”
This year looks promising for the band who hope to get into the studio and record for the first time off of Chris’s laptop. Outside of the studio, they plan on getting different shows at new venues and branching out to Chicago, Bloomington and other towns to broaden their fan base.
“Last year was getting used to each other, and this year we know what we’re doing, and we want to take off more and expand some,” Campbell said.
Although the band wants to pick up the pace, they don’t want to get too crazy booking shows.
“We want to step it up a bit but not every week,” Campbell said. “We want it to be a special event for ourselves and the audience.”
With their schedule including the Pygmalian festival, Canopy Club and Urban Outfitters, the band is off to a good start.
World’s First Flying Machine is no stranger to the Canopy Club stage. Having performed there several times, Campbell continues to want to come back.
“It’s a really accessible venue; people can walk there, we can walk there and it’s not like you need to make this excursion out.”

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