What do you love most about Lupe Fiasco?

“His strict dietary habits that actually keep hospitality budgets within their goal.” — Matt Fender

“Lupe is pretty damn sexy, and sexy is back.” — Roz Walters

“The fact that he’s ‘got me.’” — Steve Plock

“That I saw 30 seconds of Amy Winehouse’s performance at Lollapalooza, knew I made a crazy-terrible decision and ran across Grant Park to catch the rest of Lupe’s set.” — Carlye Wisel

“I think it’s the ‘kick’ … then again maybe it’s the ‘push’ … nahh, definitely the ‘coast.’” — Josh Fisher

“His sick performance with Patrick Stump of FOB.” — Liz Hutnik

“Honestly? It’s the fact that the first time I saw my cousins and brother together in the same room in a year was at a Lupe Fiasco concert this summer.” — Charlie Johnson

“Besides his boyish charm, I love that he’s pretentious enough to name an album The Cool.” — Erin Gillman

“As my 16-year-old brother stated so eloquently, ‘He’s not no gangsta.’ I can’t state it much better than that.” — Amanda Shively

“What I love most about Lupe Fiasco is his use of onomatopoeia: ‘coast … ’” — Trendy Rende

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