What’s Your Favorite Music to Study to?

“The Swedish band Opeth because no other group can transition between acoustic blues and screaming death metal and back again in one song like they can.” — Paul Hartley

“My studying music is about as inconsistent as my studying; nevertheless, I always find myself going back to You Forget It in People by Broken Social Scene.” — Anthony Collebrusco

“I like to study to Lynyrd Skynyrd or Ted Nugent because then I feel smart by comparison.”
— Bonnie Stiernberg

“GG Allin because his horrible music reminds me that I’m studying for a reason. (So I don’t end up like GG Allin.)” — Steve Marovitch

“Air because they make me feel as if I’m floating on a fluffy French cloud … instead of wasting away in the middle of a cornfield.” — Ashley Kolpak

“I like listening to Annuals while I’m studying. The random screams and explosions of sound always keep me from dozing off when I’m reading The Principles of Financing, which isn’t exactly a page-turner.” — Joe Smyth

“Otis Redding. Why? Because he’s Otis Fucking Redding.” — Charlie Johnson

“Joni Mitchell. She has a way of making me concentrate on my life and what I am doing at the moment. I don’t understand it, but I think it’s magic.” — Caitlin Cremer

“I really enjoy studying to The Good Life because no matter how much I am dreading the task, Tim Kasher still hates life more.” — Amanda Shively

“ ‘Stronger’ by Kanye. It makes me feel invincible.” — Erin Gillman

“All Coltrane, all the time, until I take a hip-hop break so I can dance all the stress off alone in my room.” — Carlye Wisel

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