WHAT THE HELL?! Moment of the week

Guess who’s crazy mad about pedophilia now? No, it’s not Pete Townshend, but Dipset emcee Cam’ron, a victim of crime himself (shot during a carjacking earlier this year). The inspiration struck the purple-chinchilla-coated rapper after watching a special on online pedophiles, such as Dateline’s popular “To Catch A Predator” series, where NBC correspondents in collaboration with Perverted-Justice.com (a website that tracks online child predators) and local police, bait child predators in online chatrooms and then confront the perpetrators on prime-time TV. Killa’ Cam and his manager Big Joe have been actively baiting predators, then interrogating them on tape (two so far). Once there’s enough material, Cam will be releasing the tapes as part of a yet-to-be-named series.

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