WHAT THE HELL?! Moment of the week

One man is dead following a fracas between Atlanta-based rapper T.I., his entourage, and some local yokels in Cincinnati. After a concert, the newly successful T.I. (nÇe Clifford Harris) and friends headed to the extremely rough Club Ritz (a joint local lawmakers have been striving to strip of its liquor license for years) for some after-hours partying. Tensions flared when one of T.I.’s friends started throwing cash (something that’s quite on hand for T.I., who sound-scanned over a half million copies of his last record in the first week alone) to girls at the club. T.I. and friends fled in minivans, the local yokels gave pursuit, and at about 3 a.m., shots were exchanged on I-75, the main drag in town. One man was killed, and several others injured. I guess people hate free money.

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